Bullet Proof Bathroom Cabinet

Holy Mother of Testosterone! Originally an industrial electrical timer and switching cabinet from Siemens, this repurposed gem is the ultimate, heavy duty, man-cave bathroom cabinet or bar. Or both.

Outfitted with 4 clocks, 6 toggle switches, a Bakelite (polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride) push button and a convex mirror on a fully articulating steel gooseneck arm.

Inside the bullet proof, locking piano-hinged door are three 8mm-thick glass shelves mounted on massive, solid brass and copper brackets. The clocks and timer mechanisms have been left in place for authenticity and nonessential extravagance. Finished in flawless, original grey Hammerite paint. Ostentatious yet subtle. Ha.

Materials: Steel.

Dimensions: H:70 W:35 D:20cm

DKK 4800,00

Available: 1